Get Real
Cyber bullying

      Shit,this stuff goes on so much on the internet especially on Facebook.You could be joking around but like the other person might take it personally.You don’t know whats going on in their lives.How do you know if he/she has bad depression that they could make suicide on themselves.It’s not right of what people are doing on the internet.What you say on the internet it stays there for ever.There is no deleting because you can retrieve and print.

    When you do cyber bullying you make many problems  for yourself or for the other person.You could be sued,the other person wouldn’t even know you but still talk to you.How do you know what they are saying is true?They could be a rapist for all you know or a murder,like what the fuck.Don’t be stupid and talk to this stranger that would be dangerous as hell.You would risk your life by meeting up with a stranger that you have no clue who this person was.

                              IT’S CALLED STRANGER DANGER!!!!!!!!! 

I’m just being real in this situation because for some little kids they be going on websites that would make them be able to add people as your friend,but they really aren’t.Those websites you have to watch out for cause you wouldn’t know what would happen.

You could be…

  1. Murdered
  2. raped
  3. stocked 
  4. cyber bullying
  5. sued
  6. suicide

Now would you like that to happen to yourself.You can ruin your life just by talking to someone you have no idea who they are.It’s unbelievable but very true to people that think that the internet is safe to use freely.Which for me is kinda stupid don’t you think.It’s not called being adventurous it called being a dumb person.Especially when it comes to people with depression.If you know this person and you were taking to them on the internet,lets say Facebook,your just playing around with them but they would take it the wrong way.Then they just kill themselves just for that one comment,one message,one little joke that you had to say to that person and they could be dead or thinking about killing themselves.

   Think of what your doing before doing it or there will be consequences 

Valentine’s day

    The day when your boyfriend and girlfriend buys each other stuff,to show that they love each other and they will do anything to keep them together.Valentine’s day is a day full of love and no hate.When your having a great time with your loved ones instead of having the opposite.

  • Instead of sad your happy
  • Instead of lonely your with someone
  • Instead of feeling nothing you feel love
  • Instead of inside you outside having the time of your life

    You would have the best day ever and if not don’t let that rain on your parade.Keep up with the happieness don’t let it run away from you.So,you better get ready,get set,GO!

Helping a friend

     You see your friend sad and you ask them “What’s wrong,is everything ok” and then they say “I don’t want to talk about it” and you say “Ok” but when some other person comes by and says the samethin that you said.Your friend tells them like what the fuck I wanted to help you but no you tell some other person your story.They probably would have made it worse for you or not do anything at all.They would probably laugh or just ignore what your saying and g on with their life.

       For me that’s not how it rolls,no way.I help my friends no matter what there is no “I don’t want to talk about it” there is no “Leave me alone” there is no silence.When I see my friends or my best friends or even my family member I still ask and say “What happen to you”.I will never leave them sad ever because I now they would help me when I have a problem.When Im in serious shit that I would need advice for.

        It is like the vitual bullying and the real bullying in the world.That’s not right what so ever.Treat people the way you would treat youself and also speak up.

    You have two options

  1. Speak up and get help and never have that problem again.


   2.   Don’t speak up and have that same problem that will never go away and haunt you for the rest of your life.Then one day you will crack and become crazy.

        The people who is always on your side and never betreyed you.Those are the people who care about you.They keep your trust and you keep their trust and you will never be weak or sad or lonly ever again.Just believe you can and if you don’t then your friends and family will because they love you and you shouldn’t denie that at all.

  Help one and another and you will be strong and happy for ever because they will help you back.Believe in yourself like your family and friends would.

Do not make the wrong choices or you will end up hurting others and yourself
An angel with protect you but a deman will harm you
Angels give advice for good choices
Demons try to convince you of doing bad things
Angels protect and keep you safe
Demons destroy and try to kill you

An angel with protect you but a deman will harm you

Angels give advice for good choices

Demons try to convince you of doing bad things

Angels protect and keep you safe

Demons destroy and try to kill you

Annoying and Rude ass people

    Annoying and rude ass people they get on everyone’s nerves.While your speaking they would probably come out of no where and change the topic or steal your audience.When you want someones attention they take them instead,like what the fuck I waited to ask him/her something and you come by and you didn’t even say “excuse me” are you fucking kidding me right now.

    Say your like I don’t know,15 years old and you started making plan’s and your parents knew about it.You wait and wait until you finally went out and they stop cause they had to go to work.I know they need to work and get the money but still they knew that you were gonna go out with your friends that day and you get a call to cover someone’s shift.What the fuck you had the decesentcy to ruin my day oh hell no.

       Say if you liked someone and then the next time you saw him,her you were kissing him and then all of a sudden someone comes up to you and asked”Do you know where…”.Then you have a disappointed face cause you just got interupted by some random stranger,while they could ask some other person that isn’t busy.Come one,really you would actually do that when someone is kissing there crush like really are you kidding with me.

      Ok,I’d like to relate when I was young with this example.When you were like 5 years old though 12 years old you needed to say something and you say excuse me a couple of times and they don’t listen.Really mom,really dad,your not gonna listen to what we say like what if it was important like going though a change in your body system,or maybe (for the 5yr olds) needed to go to the bathroom and they couldn’t because they need someone to go to the bathroom but like they tried saying there’s someone in the bathroom and they just open the door without hesitations because you weren’t listening to your kids.Or say like your mother was talking to one of your cusins and they bring up this specific moment and like you wanted to say it so badly but they kept talking and talking,It drove you crazy I know I would when I was like that.

"The right one"

     Most people think that their girlfriend or boyfriend are the right one to send their lives with,that’s not always true.Girls get over excited and on Facebook they put as their name *someone loves someone* or write constant status’s about how much they love this person.How much they loved him/her to death until the very moment when they break up.Then the girl would write “I’m crying out my eyes out” or the guy would write “Dam,why did I mess up?Miss her so much :(“.That’s annoying as fuck like dead ass.

    Do not keep your hopes up cause you don’t know if they would cheat on you or is just taking advantage of you.You can’t tell the future your not a watcher but if you were that would be kinda cool.Instead of guessing the future just let it be.Its like you want the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and it’s booby trapped and then your just in a depressing trap that consumes you until your are depressed as I don’t know a rock maybe.

   You could have hopes but not O.D much cause that could lead to serious help.Just come yourself you know you love him/her,you know that people might have your back with this girl or guy,and you know he might be lying or not.Don’t be fooled of what you see on the outside but the inside of her/him.